This Online Consultation Questionnaire will request information from you for an attorney at Wink & Wink, P.C. to review during a free consultation. Upon your completion of this Online Consultation Questionnaire, the results will be sent to Wink & Wink, P.C. automatically. If you have not scheduled a free consultation, you can do this by contacting Wink & Wink, P.C. at 303.410.1720 or Wink & Wink, P.C. may use the information you provide to contact you via email or telephone in the future.

In order to make your free consultation as productive for you as possible, we ask that you complete this Online Consultation Questionnaire as honestly and thoroughly as possible. If you do not understand a question or do not know the answer to a question, please provide the best answer you can and complete this Online Consultation Questionnaire. When completing fields regrading the value of your assets, please know that terms like "Fair Market Value", "Amount", and "Value" are asking what the property is worth today in its current condition, not what you paid for it, which is the "Purchase Price". If you do not know an exact figure for a debt or asset value, please provide your best estimate.

Wink & Wink, P.C. is a family owned law firm committed to customer service. We give our clients our cell phone numbers and believe effective debt relief representation requires taking the time to find out our client’s objectives, answer their questions, explain their options, and provide them with objective advice. We are a full-service debt relief firm and our services include debt settlement as well as bankruptcy representation. We look forward to helping you decide which type of debt relief is right for you.

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