Choosing Debt Relief Representation Is An Important Step Toward Regaining Your Financial Freedom

Mike and Gigi Wink have been helping people get out of debt since 2009. We have a strong legal and financial background and provide a full suite of debt relief solutions. We pride ourselves on giving you objective advice and a commitment to respond quickly to your questions. With Wink & Wink, you can trust that you will receive sound advice about the best debt relief strategy for you, effective legal representation as you execute that strategy, and attorneys who will be there for you throughout the process.

Michael Wink

Michael Wink is a bankruptcy attorney that handles personal and small business Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Colorado for Wink & Wink, P.C. He also represents debtors in litigation and oversees Wink & Wink’s debt settlement services. He focuses on practical financial considerations for clients as well as all legal aspects of debt relief.

Michael is an accomplished businessman as well as a practicing attorney, with a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate. Prior to founding Wink & Wink, P.C., he was CEO of a private company with over $6 million in revenue and approximately 50 employees. Michael has experience in finance, mortgages, credit and corporate negotiations. Michael’s combined business and legal background gives him insight into the multitude of debt relief solutions not enjoyed by many attorneys.

In his free time, Michael most enjoys spending time with his two children, exercising, golfing, and watching sports.

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Areas of Practice: Bankruptcy
Professional Associations: National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
Bar Admission: Colorado, 2000
Education: J.D./MBA – University of Colorado at Boulder, 2000; B.S. (Accounting/Engineering and Management) – Clarkson University, 1995

Gailyn Wink

Gailyn Wink handles personal and small business Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for Wink & Wink, P.C. She focuses on adversary proceedings and other bankruptcy litigation.

Gailyn is an experienced and accomplished litigator, with trial experience in County as well as District Courts. Prior to practicing bankruptcy law, she worked for the Colorado Public Defender’s Office where she won a majority of her trials. She was recognized for her skills in and out of the courtroom. She was the first Colorado Public Defender to receive the honor of being named Outstanding Young Lawyer by the First Judicial Bar Association.

As a bankruptcy attorney, Gailyn brings tenacity and courtroom skills along with a compassionate nature. She truly enjoys using the legal system to help people change their lives for the better and is committed to staying on top of new legal developments that can help get the best results for her clients. In her free time, Gailyn enjoys spending time with her two children and staying on top of the latest news and pop culture.

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Areas of Practice: Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy
Professional Associations: National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Colorado Bar Association
Bar Admission: Colorado, 1999
Education: J.D. – University of Colorado at Boulder, 1999; B.A. (Political Science/Broadcast Journalism) – University of Southern California, 1991
Awards: Phi Beta Kappa; Colorado Public Defender’s Office Bootcamper of the Year, 2000; 1st Judicial Bar Association Outstanding Young Lawyer, 2001