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The Denver Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Tax Resolution Attorneys

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Take the first step toward debt relief:

Once you submit the Free Consultation form above, we recommend you complete our Online Questionnaire. This will enable one of our attorneys to give you the best advice for your situation.

Wink & Wink is a husband and wife law firm in Denver, Colorado, offering a full suite of debt relief services. We represent people and businesses in bankruptcy, debt settlement, and tax resolution. Mike and Gigi Wink are committed to representing clients with responsiveness, respect, and integrity. We offer free consultations to review your situation, give you honest answers, and advise you on the most cost-effective debt relief for you with no pressure. Contact us to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

What Sets Wink & Wink Apart: Customer Service

Mike and Gigi Wink give all clients their personal cell phone numbers and a commitment to respond quickly to any questions or concerns that arise during the debt relief process. At Wink & Wink, your attorney will always be available to answer your questions and provide honest, objective advice. We are committed to providing you with cost-effective solutions while making you as comfortable as possible when you go through the process of debt relief.


The Importance Of Full-Service Debt Relief

Debt can cause significant stress and confusion, whether it is tax debt, medical debt, personal loans, credit cards or an unaffordable mortgage. Many companies claiming to help to people only provide one type of debt relief. Debt consolidation firms and credit counseling agencies generally don’t advise people on bankruptcy even though bankruptcy is often the most cost-effective form of debt relief. At the same time, many bankruptcy attorneys don’t adequately advise clients on settling debt when bankruptcy is not the most cost-effective option. And many tax resolution firms don’t advise on how bankruptcy can discharge tax debt.

Because Wink & Wink offers a full suite of debt relief services, we can advise you on the most cost-effective debt relief for you. Many factors are involved in determining what type of debt relief fits your situation, including your age, income, family size, and amounts and types of debt. Wink & Wink provides free consultations to review your situation, explain your options to you, answer your questions, and provide tailored advice for the best, most cost-effective debt relief strategy for your situation.

Bankruptcy Debt Settlement Tax Resolution

When Do I Need Debt Relief?

We know the decision to pursue debt relief is often difficult. The vast majority of people struggling always intended to repay their debt. However, circumstances arise which can make paying your debt in full difficult or even impossible. In many cases, the need for debt relief is obvious, such as when your wages or bank accounts are being garnished, or your home is in foreclosure. For others who are making their minimum monthly payments but are unable to pay their way out of debt, the need for debt relief is more subtle but still very real.

The stress of having too much debt can cause people to freeze. Waiting too long to pursue debt relief can cost you financially and emotionally. Additionally, carrying debt you can’t pay can have extended negative consequences on your credit while resolving your debt through settlement or bankruptcy will enable you rebuild your credit. Your credit will recover quickly once your debts are resolved, even after bankruptcy.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to pursue debt relief. Get piece of mind by learning your options. Wink & Wink provides free, no pressure consultations to give you honest and objective advice about whether and when to pursue debt relief.


Client Testimonials

Mike and Gigi Wink work hard for their clients and appreciate their trust and business. We are extremely proud of the testimonials we’ve received over the years. If you care about the quality of your representation, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

I cannot say enough good things about Mike Wink! He was upfront and honest about every aspect of my case. I came to Wink & Wink in the middle of a chapter 13 case that was being handled poorly and dishonestly by a different attorney. Mike untangled the mess that someone else made, and explained to me the reality of my situation and the steps I needed to take to not only qualify for a feasible plan but to insure I would be successful in carrying my plan to completion. Its such a relief to know I have such a knowledgeable and honest attorney and am on my way to a true solution! There is a huge difference in bankruptcy attorneys, anyone thinking about it needs to contact Wink & Wink to get things done right the first time.

Jennifer, Chapter 13 Client

Dear everyone at Wink and Wink, especially Gigi: We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the help and guidance we received from you during this entire bankruptcy process. We received our written order yesterday from the Bankruptcy Court, and we now can breathe again! Gigi, from the very first meeting to the end, you always were there for us – calming our many fears — and supporting us each and every step of the way. We are happy to recommend Wink and Wink to anyone facing bankruptcy. Thanks, again!

Deb and Husband, Chapter 7 Clients

Mike, Gigi and their staff are remarkable. My husband and myself recently filed a chapter 13 and they were great. Always informative, straight forward and very helpful. They really know their business. All emails and phone calls were promptly answered with all the information we needed. They made us feel very reassured and were very down to earth, and great sense of humor to boot! We were never made us feel bad for making our mistakes but instead help with how to rebuild and move forward. We thank them in helping us transition and move forward with a clean start.

Carol, Chapter 13 Client

Bankruptcy one year later: Just dropping you a note saying all is well here at the {client} house! Have a new retirement plan started, Credit score is higher than expected. Actually have money saved. No more debt burden. Thanks again for all your help as I am no longer a” Slave to lender”. Hope all is well with and your family.

K and JR, Chapter 7 Clients

Important Information About COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus, Wink & Wink is conducting all client meetings remotely. However, we continue to perform all services for our clients.

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